Looking for someone who can create a nice, functional site without ripping you off? Someone who will update and edit the site for a fee that truly is reasonable?
Welcome to Proformica!

35 years as advertising and marketing creature. Have been running Proformica since 2002.

I'm not the snazzy web hipster and I don't have a showy office. I am a pragmatic old geezer with the "office" in my living room.

Hence, I have extremely modest costs and therefore able to charge less than half of what "establishede" web agencies do. And as I work at home, there are no "office hours". I'm there to assist you in every way I can, 24/7/365.

Interested? Let me hear from you!

All the best,
Danne Vendel

Ten years ago, websites were colorful, unique and pretty fun to visit. Mostly, anyway.
Today, almost all of them look as if they have been cast from the same mold. Very strict, very dull.
Here, I have deliberately used colors and patterns to demonstrate that it doesn't have to be so.