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Look and feel.

When discussing what's important for a site's popularity, you will sooner or later hear that "content is king". It's hard to argue against that.

But it's not the entire truth.

For first time visitors to a site, it's actually the sheer visual impression that's crucial for the site's credibility.

Only one thorough and independant study has been conducted: by Stanford University in USA. It shows that as many as 41% of the asked consider the visual design to detemine the reliability.

Here's the research report and here it's downloadable as a PDF-file


Functionality and usability.

A website should not only be attractive. Additionally, it must be comprehensible in every way, and easily navigated. Its structure has to be logic with obvious links and menus as your visitors probably have other things to do than to solve riddles.

Coding correctly

As the user, you rarely see the vast programming code that websites are built of.

A website should be built according to standards and work in every modern browserThis code needs to be according to standards in order to do its job fast and smoothly in all modern browsers

We're doing it right.

With close to 15 years experience in web designing and 30 years in advertising, we know that accuracy pays off. There are no shortcuts.

We'll make sure that your site will look its best and that your visitors' browsing experience will give you their thumbs up.

To achieve this, we are of course coding according to W3C-standards.

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