Here's where you can get a nice website for a fraction of what big, established web agencies in fancy offices will charge.


Here's where you can get a nice website for a fraction of what big, established web agencies in fancy offices will charge.

A warm welcome to Proformica!

Good, functional, attractive websites and a few other things. At very, very nice prices.

Examples of "our" jobs

In addition to the website you are currently looking at, here are a few more that "we" have done recently. Click and they will open in a new window.


Fordonsmäklaren i Karlstad


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Adam Marin

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Carlstad Alternativmedicin

Lambergets Pizzeria

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Stella Polaris

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Karlstads Atletklubb

Karlstads Atletklubbs hemsida

Mias Systuga

Mias systuga


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hemsida för InduMate Karlstad AB
Danne Vendel webdesign

About Proformica

Proformica consists only of me, Danne Vendel.

Been building websites since 1999. Before that, during the analog era before the arrival of the internet, I e.g. ran a small advertising agency in Karlstad, Sweden.

For a few years I also worked at Dentsu, one of the world's largest advertising agencies, at their office in Vietnam. A couple of other years I was advertising manager at the oil company Castrol in Sweden (pardon the bragging, but I've been ordered to bring this in).

I don't rent an expensive office. Instead, my workplace is at home. Thus, I have no costs for the premises. And I don't have any employees, hence no salaries to be paid every month.

Therefore, I'm able to offer just about the same services as large, established web agencies do - but at significantly lower prices. That makes my clients and myself feel quite pleased.

HostDime webbhotell

Web hosting

Have been renting server space at HostDime, one of England's leading data centers, for 15 years.

The advantage of both building websites and having my own web hosting is enormous, not least for my clients. They don't have to worry about who to contact to get a new email address, change a picture or find out the website's visitor statistics. I handle everything related to their internet presence.

My customers are smart. Everyone I've built websites for has also switched to my hosting.

More than web design!

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webbdesign webdesign karlstad reklambyrå design

Brochures, advertisements, signs:

I produce originals for pretty much anything. Brochures, advertisements, signs, t-shirts or even something as "insignificant" as invoices, envelopes, business cards and stationery.

webbdesign webdesign karlstad reklambyrå design

Restoration of photographs:

It is incredibly sad when old paper photos are worn and destroyed. I completely renovate and return a digital, high-resolution image file. If you then want the image on paper, just print it out.

webbdesign webbhotell karlstad reklambyrå design


I have a penchant for "funny" illustrations and in black and white. The picture shows some previous jobs I have done. But I'm just as happy to create "serious" illustrations and in color.

webbdesign webdesign karlstad webbhotell


Sometimes it is necessary to improve images, to remove parts, to combine parts from several images, to enhance colors, etc. I often create a completely new image from several different photographs. Here are four separate images combined into one.


I have known Danne for about 900 years and have always had good experiences with his work. He helped me with advertisements and illustrations already when I had the shop Adam on Västra Torggatan in Karlstad and he built the websites for my previous movements; Adam Textiltryckeri, TillBåten and AdamMarin.

Danne has always set up quickly and solved any problems and has always done good work at very reasonable prices.

webbutveckling webbhotell KarlstadBilly Jönsson

Proformica and Danne are accommodating and creative, but above all it goes quickly and we got a new website up in a very short time. For the sake of simplicity, we chose to put the page on Proformica's web hosting as it gives us access to joint support both in terms of website and web hosting.

web development web hotel KarlstadTommy Andersson
former Chairman, Karlstads Atletklubb

We started running Stella Polaris with cruises in Lake Vänern in 2011. Needed a good website that also functioned as ordering, booking and payment. Found Proformica and Danne by chance, was impressed by his knowledge, what he offered and decided he had to take care of everything, i.e. arrange domain names, build website and set up a booking and payment system. One of the best decisions I made.

Danne talks in a way that you can understand, gives concrete suggestions. He stands with his feet on the ground. Not a single second of incomprehensible flume. He has also helped and made many useful suggestions about other measures to make the cruises on Stella Polaris even more popular.

webbutveckling webbhotell KarlstadAnders Håfström
CEO Håfströms Rederi AB

We got in touch with Danne through acquaintances of acquaintances. Had started the tire company and needed a website. Danne arranged a domain name, built a superb website and put it up on his own web host. Everything worked perfectly.

A few years later we felt that the website should be updated and i.a. include an opportunity for our customers to book an appointment for a tire change directly on the web. We asked Danne if he could arrange this. Five days later he showed us a proposal that was exactly what we wanted.

webbutveckling webbhotell KarlstadPeter Carlsson
Däck-Carlsson AB


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