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Jodå, dom existerar - allihopa.

Det dräller av fejkade referenser på webben eftersom folk sällan orkar kolla upp om dom verkligen finns till.

Därför har vi lagt till både e-postadresser och länkar. Om du vill kan du alltså maila vem som helst av skribenterna och ställa frågor.

Karlstads Atletklubb

Desktopsversion Mobilversion

Proformica och Danne är tillmötesgående och idérik men framförallt går det snabbt och vi fick upp en ny hemsida på mycket kort tid. För enkelhets skull så valde vi att lägga sidan på Proformicas webbhotell då det ger oss tillgång till en gemensam support både när det gäller hemsida och webbhotell.

Ordförande, Karlstads Atletklubb

visionary World, Hong Hong

As a publisher of richly illustrated coffee table books it is of the utmost importance that our visual presentations are of a very high quality. We have worked with Proformica on numerous occasions designing websites for our products and company.

The staff at Proformica and Mr. Dan Vendel in particular have consistently delivered not only quality products, they have gone beyond the normal scope of business in offering suggestions and solutions that have made our business more successful and growing continuously.

Not least are we exceptionally pleased with the promotion site for our latest book Sacred Skin that Proformica has made. See for yourself at

Proformica will be the company of our choice to work with as we expand in the competitive world of publishing.

Publisher and CEO
Visionary World Ltd
Hong Kong



Focus Asia, Vietnam

Our company has had the privilege of cooperating with Mr. Dan Vendel and his firm Proformica Marketing Consultants between 2004 and 2007. Among other tasks, Mr. Vendel not only created various printed marketing materials but also designed our highly acclaimed website

We found Mr. Vendel to be highly a committed, gifted and reliable professional, extraordinary service minded, and I deeply regret that sheer financial reasons eventually forced us to chose a new, local Vietnamese supplier instead of Mr. Vendel.

I am more than happy to offer Mr. Vendel my most sincere and greatest recommendations, as I know that his skills, loyalty, personality and dedication will make a substantial contribution to any organization that is fortunate enough to hire him.

For more information, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Managing Director
Focus Asia Ltd

Staffing Vietnam, USA

When we first set out to create web-based business at , we were looking for a company that had to know what they were doing. We weren't disappointed once we found Proformica.

Proformica has gone above and beyond our original scope of work to create for us one of the top job recruiting websites in Vietnam.


In addition, Mr. Dan Vendel and his staff have become one of our trusted confidants due to their insight and marketing expertise in the Vietnam market.

Dan is never far away whenever we need help with certain problems or issues. And he never shies away from taking the time to explain questions, ranging from to most mundane to the most complex.

Thanks Proformica for a job well done.

President and CEO

Czar Partners, Hong Kong

When CZAR was faced with the challenge of re-inventing itself, we looked for expert assistance. We are not a run-of-the-mill business and our brief was a tough one.

After exhausting our options locally, we turned to Proformica, who had been referred to us with glowing recommendations. I am pleased to say we have never looked back.

Proformica has worked closely alongside our company over the last two years as we have rebranded, reorganised and launched a new business onto an unsuspecting world.

Dan Vendel is an excellent sounding board when tough decisions need to be made, and a creative genius when the brief is tough.

We have no hesitation in recommending Dan and Proformica to anyone.

Senior Partner
Czar Partners Ltd
Hong Kong